Z-Wave Home Automation

I used a Raspberry Pi with a RaZberry as a Z-Wave controller, it is running wheezy-raspbian (Linux) as an OS and on top of that I installed SiriProxy (I can tell Siri to turn on/off the light for me) and Z-Way communication stack (this is what actually controls the Z-Wave controller)
Then I’m using:

  • Z-Wave GE On/Off Light Switch Relay – Model #45609 (ZW4001)
  • Aeon Labs SmartSwitch Z-Wave – First Z-Wave Energy Metering Smart Switch
  • Intermatic HomeSettings HA05 Z-Wave screw-in module
  • GE thermostat with Zwave module
  • Wireless kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt Lock with Home Connect

After setting up the network using the Z-Way demo UI, then I coded my own UI for the iPhone using the Z-WAY APIs to talk to the RaZberry.
When I press the sleep button, it activates a SSH connection from the Raspberry Pi to the iMac which then sends the sleep command.


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